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Welcome to Our Website

The BIRDMUSIC FOUNDATION is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation established to celebrate and support creative musical projects, products, and events of high artistic, educational, and entertainment value.  Providing consultative and evaluative services including conclusive reports with appropriate comments, suggestions, and solutions (if requested), representatives observe, review, and assist both individuals and organizations either in developing attractive new projects of interest and good taste or suggesting ways of improving those already existing.  Considering all levels of music education and performance, incorporating values consistent with and fully supportive of the programs of our best schools, and applying the highest of artistic standards combined with experienced skill, proficiency, and insight, various procedures can be proffered that emphasize producing events of excellence.  Carefully considering the unique features/requirements of each situation including location, professional background and experience of presenters and other associated parties, performance history (including types and quality of past presentations), and indicated desires for future productions, particular attention is given to planning, program selection, style, advertising, and the application of imaginative, creative thinking to all areas of public presentation.  Personal meetings can be arranged as well as speaking engagements and other activities reflecting the foundation's structure and purposes.  Of particular interest--and highly encouraged--is the commissioning of new music.  Desiring to participate beyond one's own abilities, commissioning a professional composer (a) indicates recognition of the necessity to expand the existing literature with new music of excellence demonstrating fresh approaches and ideas; (b) provides for the realization of the venture (as a professional gesture and monetarily); (c) allows recognition of specific occasions, events, individuals, purposes etc.; (d) focuses on various aspects of the contemporary musical art (perspectives, inventiveness, creativity, expression, emotional responses, etc.); and while recognizing the selected composer's unique gifts, also (e) provides an avenue for the commissioning party or parties to make an expressive statement.  New compositions can lead to discoveries beyond initial expectations and audience members often are influenced both individually and collectively by them.  Commissioning provides the possibility of enhancing the scope, value, and applicability of the curricular and applied offerings of elementary, middle, and secondary schools, colleges, universities, churches, civic groups, individual artists, music ensembles large and small, and even "schools of thought."  Following a premiere the dissemination of a new work (including performances, publication, distribution, recording, etc.), can emphasize and lead to the expansion of initial intents and purposes.  For those to whom commissioning presently may be only a wish or a dream--a considered yet undiscovered adventure--experienced guidance through its process is offered, exploring personal involvement and commitment, procedure (including affordable fee structures and researching financial and other resources if and when necessary), and all facets of this exciting, acknowledged, time-honored, highly-rewarding and satisfying opportunity.